Wilmington, North Carolina 28403

Residential Services

New Construction:  Design of the structural elements for new homes ranging from one-story slab-on-grade homes to large custom homes.  This includes coastal homes on piles in special flood hazard areas and high wind zones.  Design experience for homes includes standard wood framing, timber framing, trusses, light gage steel framing, masonry, concrete, ICF, SIPS, structural steel, and a variety of special conditions. 

Renovations and Remodels:  Services include the design of structural components for minor remodel projects to structural design of extreme home makeovers.  Letters or drawings are provided as needed for the project. 

On Site Evaluation:  Services include the review of structural components questioned during the sale of a home, review of issues in new construction, and repair recommendations.

Specialty Services

Window and Door Evaluation:  We determine the structural design pressure (DP) rating of custom doors and windows.

Truss Modifications:  When trusses have to be modified as part of a remodel, HVAC unit replacement, or for other reasons we will provide a design for the required reinforcements.

Signs, Awnings, and Gazebos:  We provide complete structural design for custom signs, awnings, and gazebos or foundation design for other pre-engineered/certified products.

Artwork or Other Non-conventional Items:  We evaluate the structural strength or design structural components for one of a kind applications or prototypes for new products.  We provide foundation design for artwork or other non-conventional structures that need to be properly supported but do not need to be evaluated individually.

Commercial Services

Low-Rise Buildings:  We provide complete structural design for new structures and renovations to buildings.  This includes retail spaces, office buildings, medical facilities, dentist offices, and churches. Municipal Buildings, Education Buildings, and Similar Projects:  Services include the structural design of new structures and renovations.  Our example project lists some of these types of structures we have been involved with.

Shop Drawings:  We provide shop drawings and structural design for light gage framing.

On Site Evaluation:  Services include limited structural assessment, repair recommendations, and construction administration services.